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Beauty (Milk)
Released December 1990
Recorded Unknown
Length 9:55
Label None
Producer Jeff Mangum
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Track Listing[]

  1. Ruby Bulbs - 1:24
  2. You Bled Quite a Bit - 1:22
  3. Raising Cattle - 0:28
  4. Saw the Radiator - 1:09
  5. Oh Penelope - 1:39
  6. Oh Baby Strawberry - 0:57
  7. We Breathe Skin Every Day - 1:03
  8. Inferiority Complex - 0:48
  9. Noises - 1:05


  • Jeff Mangum - guitar, drums, vocals, tapes, recorder


  • The song titles on this page are conjectural. They were guessed based on the lyrics. (With the exception of Ruby Bulbs.)
  • Jeff has asked that no one share these recordings online
  • This is different than the Beauty album that was released in 1992.
  • There are fake recording of these songs floating around the internet. The runtimes and titles are identical, but they are not made by Jeff.[1]


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