Song: Los Angeles or Los Angelos Car Song

Albums: Hype City Soundtrack

Year released: 1993

Lyrics: Los Angeles

Earliest known performance: None


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Lyrics Edit

(Jeff, laughing) Come here! Shut the door! It's gonna sound cool!

[more laughter] Shut the door! Come on, come on! Alright. I'll do the screaming and you just push the buttons. Alright?

(other person): Alright.

[Italian man singing] [fuzz noises] [Italian man singing again] [lady talking very fast]

(other person) I can, like, I can begin. On the, uh-

(Jeff) Just go DOO DOO DO-DO DOO DOO! Alright? Alright? Just go BOO BOO BO-DO BOO BOO!

[more fuzz noises]

[clicking noises]

(Jeff) [is inhabited by the Devil himself for 21 seconds]

(other person) I don't know what that was.

(Jeff) [laughing, out of breath]